between micro-pore polystyrene with paprika colouring and fluffy chewing gum, I think actually made from real turkeys

1.5 Litres of mountain Dew

Two slices (and then later another slice) of Topside beef—a bit weird for breakfast but tasty, well-(if a bit over-)cooked and good quality

Two slices of Honey roast ham—this was great, again bit weird for breakfast but no complaints other than the deviation from routine

A fortune cookie (oh yes)

A small bowl of chicken noodle soup (this was a great palate cleanser about ¾ the way through the breakfast adventure

One slice of Watermelon

Three or four chunks of Cantelope melon

Small portion of Cheesy bacon potatoes (this was, of course, fantastic—particularly as the cheese constituted over 50% of the dish)

A portion of Hash browns (unlike the UK, the US still serves this, not as individual deep-fried pieces, but as shredded stir-fried