8-12 box elder - moraine park
From: 22480 Antelope Creek Rd, Box Elder, SD 57719 To: Fern Lake Rd, Estes Park, CO 80517
Driving Distance: 662,3 kilometers Time: 6 hours, 42 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
9:000,0 1   Depart 22480 Antelope Creek Rd, Box Elder, SD 57719 on Antelope Creek Rd [CR-MC-17] (South) for 0,2 km
9:000,2Road name changes to 151st Ave for 1,6 km
9:031,8Keep STRAIGHT onto 151st Ave [Moden Rd] for 3,3 km
9:085,1Turn RIGHT (West) onto CR-T414 [Old MN-14] for 1,8 km
9:106,9Turn RIGHT (North) onto Liberty Blvd for 0,8 km
9:117,7Take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-90 [US-14] for 10,3 km towards I-90
9:1718,0At exit 60, turn RIGHT onto Ramp for 0,5 km towards I-90-BL / E North St
9:1718,5Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp for 0,2 km towards I-90-BL
9:1818,6Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-90 Bus [E North St] for 1,7 km
9:1920,4Turn LEFT (South) onto (N) Campbell St [US-16T] for 3,0 km
9:2323,4Keep STRAIGHT onto US-16T [SR-79] for 23,1 km
9:3546,5Road name changes to SR-79 for 1,9 km
9:3748,4Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-40 [SR-79] for 0,3 km
9:3748,8Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-79 for 54,0 km
10:06102,8Turn RIGHT (West) onto US-18 [US-385] for 8,0 km
10:12110,8Turn LEFT (West) onto US-18 [University Ave] for 74,0 km
10:45168,5Entering Wyoming
10:54184,8Turn LEFT (South) onto US-18 [US-85] for 75,2 km
11:35260,0Turn RIGHT (West) onto US-18 [US-20] for 67,3 km
12:12327,3Take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-25 [US-26] for 270,4 km towards I-25 / US-87 / US-26
13:59531,0Entering Colorado
14:34597,7At exit 257B, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto US-34 [E Eisenhower Blvd] for 54,1 km towards US-34 / Loveland
15:25651,8Keep STRAIGHT onto US-34 Bus [US-36] for 0,6 km
15:27652,4Turn LEFT (South) onto US-36 [Moraine Ave] for 1,9 km
15:29654,3Keep STRAIGHT onto US-36 [SR-66] for 0,8 km
15:30655,2Keep STRAIGHT onto US-36 for 3,4 km
15:34658,6Turn LEFT (South) onto Bear Lake Rd for 2,0 km
15:37660,6Turn RIGHT (South-West) onto Moraine Park Campground Rd for 0,9 km
15:40661,5Turn LEFT (South) onto Fern Lake Rd for 0,8 km
15:42662,3 2   Arrive Fern Lake Rd, Estes Park, CO 80517